High quality Interpretation services are not easy to find. But if you don’t want to take any risks, collaborating with DLT is your best opportunity. We offer a wide variety of interpretation services that you can use for your business or personal interest. And our prices are the best on the market as well so you will not have to invest more than you are comfortable with.


We have first simultaneous interpretation, escorts interpretation, consecutive interpretation, as well as liaison interpretation. All these types of interpretation are done by professionals in the matter. The simultaneous interpretation is covered if you are voicing your speech.  Our interpreter will translate word by word, everything you are saying and at the same time will it no unnecessary delays. If you choose to invest in an escort interpretation this is the type of interpretation where the interpretation will not stay next to you but they will be moving amongst the audience with devices such as headphones and microphone. This type of interpretation is more common when it comes to interactive events in which the audience is more involved. Also the consecutive interpretation is very useful too and extremely used in courts and other official meetings. In this type of interpretation, the interpreter writes down everything you’re saying and they will translate it word by word afterwards. However, if you choose for a liaison interpretation, the interpreter will stay among the audience and they will translate every sentence you are saying.


Our company provides all these types of interpretation at the highest standards on the market. All our interpreters have a minimum of 5 years of experience and they are professionals in their field. You will not have to worry about the quality of our services that also come at very budget-friendly prices. Our interpreter will attend every event you need and they will make sure everybody understands what is being said. Contact DLT today and forget about all the hassle that comes along with interpretation services. If you are not sure what type of interpretation service to get, give us the details about your event and will recommend you the best option. Sometimes, not having the right interpretation can ruin the entire event in a way that can’t be fixed. So you shouldn’t take any risks because once we start interpreting it will be too late to make changes. We will discuss all the details about your event prior to it so that will make sure everything is taken care of in the most professional manner. This is where our experts will also ask for your consulting services and precious advice that will help you be successful.

You will not have to be stressed or nervous when it comes to your event, regardless of how complex and important it is. With the right interpretation services everything will be easier and you will feel a lot more comfortable. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our staff and make sure that all the details are established before we start our collaboration.