When it comes to translation, legal documents are considered the most complex type of translation documents. This is because of three things; they have complex vocabularies, they contain sensitive content and lastly, these documents require prior preparation before translating.  This is the reason why clients in need of legal translation take time to find someone who can offer precise and original translation services.  If you want to know how professionals translate these documents, here is the procedure followed by legal translation services in Dubai

Prepare the file:

The original document is usually passed through different text recognition programs before being translated. But before that, contaminations which cannot be understood by this software are first removed. These can be stamps, signatures, handwritten texts, etc.

Pre editing:

This step involves comparing the original text with the ones that are converted to digital texts. Any word that the software didn’t recognize is also corrected.  Besides correcting these errors, pre-editing is also done to correct the images of stamps, logos, and signatures.


After preparing the text is when the real translation begins. A computer-aided translation tool is used to facilitate the translation process.  It is also used to come up with terminologies and glossaries.


The next step for translating a professional document is editing to correct any available errors in terms of spelling and grammar.

Final review:

In this step, which can also be described as proofreading, legal translation services in Dubai professional goes through the translated text. He or she will do the final touches without comparing it with the original document and ensure that everything is accurately transited.

Desktop publishing:

The text is then sent to the design department. Here, any problem associated with formatting will be fixed. After this, the document can now be sent to the client.


By certification, it means that the document is signed by an attorney. The attorney can only sign when he or she is satisfied that the document is accurately translated from one language to another without distorting its meaning.  He also certifies that the translation was done by skilled linguists. In conclusion, finding the best legal translators is never easy. You have to ensure that professionals go through all these steps when translating your documents. This is actually the only way that your documents can be accurately translated and you are able to get fast results.

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