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DLT is the best translation company in Dubai that you can rely on. Our services are impeccable in all there are aspects because we only collaborate with experts in the industry. We never compromise the quality of our translations and we offer the best budget friendly prices in the industry. Anytime you need legal translation or any other type of translations, we are the best company to rely on.

We are working industry of translations for 18 years. In this time, we gathered a wide experience when it comes to translation services but also localization services and we cover more than 75 languages. Design impressive results among translation companies in Dubai. You will notice that we offer a lot more than just Legal translations, even if these are the most important ones for our clients.

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Among our services you will find general translations, medical translations, economical translations, Media translations, interpretation services of the highest quality, website translations as well as many other types of translations. we also offer interpretation services which can come very handy if you attend an event that is not in your native language, or a language that you are familiar with. Our interpreters will attend your event and cover all your translation needs so you can feel the most comfortable and confident at all times.

You can get in contact with our company easy, by using the information you find on our website. You can even ask for a price offer, by completing the quote form you find on our website as well. Chances are that you will only want to work with us, why don’t you see how professional our services are and how affordable are prices can be for the most complex of the projects. All our translators are experts in their field and they are certified to translate all types of documents in their industry. We select our team carefully and we never compromise when it comes to quality.

Part of our vision is a high level of creativity. We are aiming for international clients and we are working hard for the best spot in the industry of translations. To reach our goals, we have a professional strategy that includes quality continuous improvement, complete focus on our clients and offering the best services on the market. All our staff is employed full-time and we work with translators, graphic designers, IT specialists, editors as well as many other experts that help us be the best in our field. With DLT you simply can’t go wrong and you will not regret collaborating with us. Check out our services today and get a quote fort the type of project that you need done. Don’t worry if you have a short notice because we can cover such projects as well. We understand that your time is precious and we cherish it just as much. This is why all your deadlines will be respected and your priorities will become our priorities.


Backed with about 18 years of experience in translations and localization fields, DLT has expanded its operations to cover six different locations with DLT-affiliated offices offering specialized and dedicated language services in about 75 languages. We are available to serve your needs around-the-clock in the following locations:



Creativity is our vision … we will deliver you the services take you to success
For the next years, DLT planned to be the UAE industry leader in the field of translation and language services, as well as getting a wide range of national and multinational clients who trusted us for providing high quality translation services in countries all over the world.

As the global market is becoming closely connected and there are major breakthroughs made into the work environment enhanced by cutting edge innovations and creative technologies, we take into consideration the importance of being familiar with the latest updates in translation field by using new released programs, tools and translation memories that enhances the performance of our translators and qualifies them for a strong competition in the global market.

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At DLT , we keep an eye on fulfilling the needs and requirements of all clients. Our objective is to provide you with a professional and personal service dedicated to ensuring that the meaning of your message is understood by audience in whichever language or whatever format you need.


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In order to be able to achieve our vision and translate our goals into actions, DLT has set a clear defined strategy focusing on the following core points:

Quality Continuous Improvement:
To succeed in becoming UAE industry leader in translation field is not out of vacuum; rather it’s an outcome for the long record of hard working, professional team of translators and creditability that distinguish us from others. However, DLT is not satisfied to that point but also continues its hard working on Quality Improvement as a part and parcel of the whole success story.

We work with accredited translators, editors and proofreaders translating to their mother-tongue to offer you the best possible service ever. They know how to express your thoughts and ideas in their own language and in the most effective way.

Client-focused Policy:
It’s a rule we all work on throughout the translation process in whole. DLT pays special attention to the client-satisfaction. No matter how tight is your deadline, or how difficult is the context of your text to be translated, our highly-experienced team of professional translators in all fields will manage to deliver you the best quality work within reasonable budget that fits you

Backbone of our corporate:
DLT employs a full-time staff, including officers, translators, graphic designers, IT specialists, editors, project managers and administrative staff enriched by their multicultural and multi-ethnical profile.

In DLT , we firmly believe that our dedicated team is the true assets of our corporate so we are always focusing on empowering them. We adopt an advanced level of commitment to enhance the skills and capabilities of our team members as well as meeting their needs and expectations for working in a sustainable profitable working environment of compensation, promotion and stability