Legal translation is among the most delicate type of translation that we have today. That being said, it is always important to ensure that your legal documents are only translated by experts in the industry. If a legal document is inaccurately translated, it can cause dire consequences to the parties involved.

 Below, we have important guidelines that are prepared by experts to help you find a suitable translation partner. So the next time you are looking for a legal translator Dubai, do not forget to pay attention to these important points.

Technical expertise

No legal translation can be accurately done if there is no technical expertise. All legal translation projects must be handled by a specialized who knows the expertise required to go about the translation. They should not only have the education experience but should also understand the meaning of each and every word before translating. Actually, it is more of understanding the legal field and what each word in this niche means. This is the only way a translation can have a positive impact in the target group which in this case is the lawyer, victim, accuser, witnesses among other parties involved. 

Expert in linguistics and technology

Before getting legal translation services in Dubai, you also should ask your preferred company how they go about the hiring process. Besides, you have the right to know the type of technology they use in their legal translation projects. Some of the main qualities that this company should look for in a legal translator before hiring them include technical expertise, linguistic skills, and most importantly the practical experience. The company should also have expert managers to ensure that all the legal projects are accurately translated before being passed to the client. 


As we already said, legal documents are delicate. When you outsource such documents to a legal translation company, it means that you trust them with the information and that no third party is going to access these important documents. Since most of the information in legal documents are sensitive, ensure that you hire a company that can handle them with the care they deserve. They should have strong systems in place to ensure that nobody can access documents from their clients. Choose a company that has strict confidentiality policies. This includes non-disclosure agreements, confidentiality agreements, as well as cybersecurity, and data protection tools. 


How can legal translation companies guarantee document accuracy or even important things like confidentiality if they do not have the right certification? In most countries, the government does not regulate the translation sector and in this case, it is the clients who are put at risk. So before working with a legal translation company, ensure that it is certified to offer those services. Whether they are working with freelance or full-time translators, always ensure that the company is a member of a reputable body that guides these translators. 


Besides the confidential and accurate qualities, the best regal translation service should also be reliable. This is actually a very important quality that all translation companies should have. It is difficult to know whether the company is reliable if you are hiring them for the first time, so here are some important questions to ask;

  • Does the company has enough translators in order to complete the work on time
  • How long do they take to complete a project
  • Are they affordable
  • Are they able to offer quality services?

You can answer most of these questions by going through their past client reviews either on their website or other reviewing websites.

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